Thursday, December 08, 2005

Ubuntu Linux 5.10

Running Ubuntu (Breezy Badger) 5.10 linux on laptop now. So far, it is great. Only thing I had issues with was my display driver. I have an HP/Compaw nw8240 latop with an ATI FireGL v5000 card. I had to go and download the linux drivers directly from ATI's website and install them and all is well now.

I downloaded version 8.19.10. (

The GL graphics are very slow (screen savers and most games are extremely slow in repainting the screen), but other graphics such as window movements, etc are very fast.

Need to work on DRI support. Supposedly it gives better results.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: I installed KDE and X went back to the flashy screen. Even reinstalling the ATI drivers didn't work. Finally found a configuration utility installed by ATI under /usr/X11R6/bin/fglrxconfig which recreates the xorg.conf file and everything will work!

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