Thursday, December 08, 2005

Ubuntu and Debian Packages

Since Ubuntu is a take-off from Debian, it naturally uses Debians packaging tools such as apt-get, to update and configure your system. You may also use the GUI tool, Synaptics Package Manager.

Here are some useful links and info:
Good info about packages (see CONTENTS for a lot more on using apt* tools):

Update all installed packages:
# apt-get update

Install a package:
# apt-get install some-pkg

See what's installed:
# dpkg -l | more

Query packages:
# apt-cache search someRE*

You can convert an RPM file to a DEB package (or to/from other common formats) by using Alien:
$ alien --to-deb somefile.rpm (will create somefile.deb)

Some other things to mention -- apt* tools use a local "database" to drive what packages are available and where to get them. Read the URL link above to understand how it works and how to keep it up-to-date so you always know what the latest packages are available.

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